Our Vision

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn through experience.  At SDFAR, our educational experiences teach children, adults, and families about compassion for all animals. Learning through action at SDFAR gives everyone an opportunity to connect with horses, pigs, chickens, and other animals in a unique hands-on experience. 

We believe in learning the facts. At SDFAR, we provide the facts about factory farming, and animal agriculture.  Between experience and facts, we arm everyone with the opportunity to make their own informed choices. 

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Tours are the first Saturday of every month at 10 am! Admission is free. No reservations required.

Check out our Events Calendar or Facebook page for cancellations.

Tours at SDFAR 

We offer field trips and tours of the farm. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule an event.

Volunteer with SDFAR

If you or a group of people are interested in volunteering on our farm, contact us! Here are some great photos of volunteers helping out at the rescue.

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